When you’re looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient, there are a number of things you can do without spending a lot of money. By implementing the following energy-saving ideas, you can also reduce your energy bill while helping your HVAC system operate more effectively.

1. Install Ceiling Fans

By installing ceiling fans, you can help move air around in your home. Ceiling fans also help your HVAC system work more efficiently.

Fans can assist with both heating a home and cooling it down. HVAC systems can sometimes create hot and cold spots in the home, depending on the ventilation system. By using a ceiling fan to move the air around, you can disperse the heated or cooled air more evenly throughout the room.

2. Install LED Lights

Using LED lights instead of regular lightbulbs can result in saving money and energy. Although standard bulbs cost less initially, they use more energy and cost more in energy bills than LED lights. LED lights are also known to last longer, helping save money.

Lighting in the home can make up to one-third of your energy bill. Switching to LED lights can significantly reduce your energy cost and usage, and the savings can more than pay for the purchase of the LED bulbs.

3. Check Doors and Windows for Leaks

Air leaks around doors and windows cause the HVAC system to work harder since treated air is escaping outside. By locating air leaks and sealing or insulating the area around doors and windows, you can help make your home more energy efficient. The less an HVAC system has to work to generate treated air, the more you save on your energy bill.

At Cooper Heating & Cooling, we can help you locate leaks around doors and windows. We can also provide you with other energy-saving tips and assist with all your heating and cooling, electrical, plumbing, and indoor air quality needs. Contact our office in Denver, Colorado Springs, or Fort Collins today.

Luke Cooper
Luke Cooper

Luke Cooper is the General Manager of the Cooper Green team and son of Gary Cooper, owner and CEO of Cooper HVAC. After years in the field, Luke took his talents to management and has helped thousands of Colorado homeowners during hot summers and frigid winters. His decade of experience in the field and guiding the company makes him one of the most knowledgeable individuals in Colorado on HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other home services.

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