3 Signs That You Need Heating Repairs

December 8, 2017

3 Signs That You Need Heating RepairsChances are that you’ve noticed our daytime temperatures are still pretty warm around here and will continue to be for the next couple of weeks. However, you’ve probably also noticed that our nighttime temperatures are dropping to the low 50’s — and lower — on a regular basis. While you are not going to be shutting down your air conditioner for the last time of the season in the next few days, it is definitely safe to say that your heater will be entering the fray before long. Plus, it’ll probably need heating repairs.

Now, hopefully, you’ll have had your air conditioner tuned up for the year before putting it back into regular rotation. Even if this is the case, though, it is possible to hit a few bumps in the road at the start of the cooling season. This is especially true for older heaters that don’t bounce back from a season’s rest the way that they used to. Because it is always in your best interest to have your heater repaired promptly, we’ve got a few tips to help you spot the need for heating repairs in Denver, CO.

Is Your System Making Strange and/or Loud Sounds

While radiant heating systems work more or less silently, forced air heating systems are going to make some noise. Even if it’s as minor a noise as heated air blowing from a vent, you’re probably going to hear it. You may also hear a heat pump or a furnace cycling on and off. That’s normal. If, however, the noises are much louder than normal, or entirely new to your heating system, then you have cause for concern.

From loud scraping sounds that could suggest a loose blower wheel or a broken motor mount loud bangs that may mean your furnace is experiencing delayed ignition, no strange sound should be ignored. Let us know if you hear something off with your system.

Is Your System Short Cycling?

Your heater should be running in fairly regular heating cycles. If the system is starting up, but only running very briefly before it cycles back down, only to start back up again and repeat the process, then it is short cycling.

This is not necessarily a very serious problem. In fact, a dirty air filter could simply be restricting airflow and causing the system to cycle down. However, you could also have a problem with your fuel delivery/combustion system, or an issue with your compressor if you use a heat pump. Having a professional investigate the cause of the problem is a must if you want it diagnosed properly.

Is Your System Just Underperforming?

Okay, so your heater isn’t making weird noises, and it seems to be running fine. So why isn’t your house comfortable throughout? Again, there are a lot of potential reasons for this, making a professional diagnosis vital. It could be a case of a refrigerant leak in a heat pump, or maybe your furnace is heating air just fine but damaged ductwork is leading to cold spots. Whatever the case, we’ll have it sorted out as soon as possible so that you can heat your home effectively, efficiently, and reliably.

Luke Cooper
Luke Cooper

Luke Cooper is the General Manager of the Cooper Green team and son of Gary Cooper, owner and CEO of Cooper HVAC. After years in the field, Luke took his talents to management and has helped thousands of Colorado homeowners during hot summers and frigid winters. His decade of experience in the field and guiding the company makes him one of the most knowledgeable individuals in Colorado on HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other home services.

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