Explore Your Home Heating Options

November 24, 2018

Explore Your Home Heating OptionsOne thing that we’ll give winter — it is persistent. Winter does not care if you’re aching to get out there and hit the slopes, or if you’re already trembling at the mere thought of the coldest time of the year. Whichever camp you fall into, winter is going to arrive soon, and you had better be ready for it when it hits. For many of us, that just means ensuring that our current heaters are tuned up and prepared for action. For others, though, it may mean a heating replacement.

It is definitely not too late to schedule this particular service with our Littleton, CO heating professionals. We do recommend that you do so sooner rather than later, though. Things are already cooling down considerably, and you really don’t want to wait so long that you wind up going into the heating season proper without a system that you can rely on. Contact us today with any questions that you may have, and explore the heating options discussed briefly below.

Heating Systems to Consider

We would never dream of sacrificing the quality of the systems and services that we offer in the name of quantity. That being said, we certainly have a number of great heating systems for you to choose from. Anyone of the following systems may be the best option for your home. We’ll help you to narrow it down and to make the right decision for your home and personal user preferences.


A boiler is typically best installed at the time of constructing a home, though you can certainly switch over to a boiler system if you are willing to have the necessary work done. Boilers heat water and use either hot water or steam to distribute heat throughout the house via terminal points like baseboards or radiators.


Perhaps the most common heater of all in this country, the furnace is a forced air heater. Either via the combustion of fuel or electric resistance, the furnace generates heat. It then uses that heat to warm air directly, which it then distributes throughout the house via a system of ductwork.

Ductless Heating Systems:

Want to forgo ducts, but want a simpler installation than a boiler system? Using a ductless mini split allows you to do just that. It also allows you to take advantage of heat pump technology in order to heat and cool your home with just one system!

Heat Pumps:

Like central air conditioners, heat pumps can remove heat from a home via the evaporation of refrigerant. However, they can also reverse that operation, drawing heat out of the air outside and using it in order to facilitate the heating of the living space in a very efficient manner!

Radiant Heating Systems:

Electric radiant heating systems are out there, but most homeowners prefer in-floor hydronic heating. This is a type of system that pipes heated water from a boiler around the house through tubes installed below the floors. It offers both great efficiency and incredible comfort.

Dual Fuel Systems:

Want to enjoy the efficiency of a heat pump? But you’re nervous about what will happen on the very coldest nights of the year? A dual fuel system combines a heat pump with a traditional furnace to marry efficiency with incredible reliability.

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