When it comes to keeping your home comfortable during cold weather, some easy fixes can help heat your home and save money on your energy bill. These quick, simple adjustments will save you from costly repairs at inconvenient times, too.

Here are five simple heating efficiency tips to help save you money:

1. Constant Thermostat Adjustments

Heating systems take time to adjust to a different setting, and constantly changing the setting does not heat your home any more efficiently. It’s better to find a consistently comfortable temperature for your home and adjust the temperature to that setting. It takes less energy to maintain a consistent temperature than it does to heat a home from extreme temperatures.

2. Windows and Doors

To help keep your home comfortable, check windows and doors for signs of air leaks, and use insulation to seal off leaks. You can also keep your home comfortable by using drapes over the windows to help keep out the cold air.

3. Vents

Help maintain a comfortable environment in your home by keeping vents clear of furniture, packages or other items. Blocked vents can prevent the free flow of air from the heating system to disperse throughout the home, causing the system to work harder.

4. Dirty Filters

An easy step to keeping your heating system operating effectively is to replace the dirty filters regularly. Dirty filters can prevent the warm air from dispersing evenly through the home and can even cause breathing problems.

5. Heating System Maintenance

By getting the heating system checked regularly, it helps prevent any emergency situations and keeps the system operating at peak performance. Regular maintenance can be done by your local HVAC service company at intervals that you designate. Your service technician can help you determine if your system needs adjustments or tune-ups to keep it operating efficiently.

For more heating efficiency tips or to find out more about our maintenance services, contact Cooper Heating & Cooling in Denver, CO today.

Luke Cooper
Luke Cooper

Luke Cooper is the General Manager of the Cooper Green team and son of Gary Cooper, owner and CEO of Cooper HVAC. After years in the field, Luke took his talents to management and has helped thousands of Colorado homeowners during hot summers and frigid winters. His decade of experience in the field and guiding the company makes him one of the most knowledgeable individuals in Colorado on HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other home services.

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