Why Is There Water Surrounding My AC?

January 12, 2018

Why Is There Water Surrounding My AC?You may know this already, but there is no water involved in the air conditioning process. Why are we telling you this? Because every now and then we get calls from concerned — and confused — homeowners regarding leaking air conditioners. Now, these homeowners are not imagining things. There are certain issues that can result in pools of water developing around an air conditioning system. They just are not “leaks” in the traditional sense that you may be thinking of.

Following are a few examples of situations in which water may seem to leak from your air conditioning system. They vary in terms of severity, but even the most benign of them should be resolved promptly to avoid issues with discomfort, water damage, and the promotion of biological pollutant growth. Whatever services you may need to get your air conditioning in Denver, CO back on track, count on our team to complete them properly.

One Symptom with Many Potential Causes

One of the most important steps with any air conditioning repair is simply guaranteeing that any problems with the air conditioner in question are diagnosed properly. You don’t want to be treating symptoms without resolving the root of the problem. As holds true for most air conditioning issues, there are a few different reasons as to why your AC may be “leaking” water.

First things first, it may just be a drainage issue. Why would you need to drain water out of a system that does not actually use any water, though? Well, because the air conditioner dehumidifies air somewhat as it operates. In doing so, it leaves condensation on the evaporator coil, and that condensation is drained away from the system and out of your home via the condensate drain assembly — unless there are issues with the drain pan and drain line, in which case it can back up into your home.

Cleaning out the condensate drain line, realigning the pan, or replacing a damaged component may be all that is needed to resolve your issue with water pooling around your air conditioner. This is just one of the issues that can result in the problem, though. Another is melting ice.


Now, your air conditioner is obviously used to cool things down, but it is not a freezer. So why might there be ice developing in and melting off the system, potentially overwhelming its drainage system? The first reason is a very dirty air filter. If your filter is too dirty, the restricted airflow could mean that your coil does not draw enough heat and gets too cold. If this happens, condensation can freeze on it.

More concerning is a refrigerant leak. This can lead to the same issue, but could also result in potentially fatal issues for your air conditioner. Your AC does not consume refrigerant, so any loss is the result of a leak. Before your system suffers serious damages, you need to have the leak located and repaired professionally.

Luke Cooper
Luke Cooper

Luke Cooper is the General Manager of the Cooper Green team and son of Gary Cooper, owner and CEO of Cooper HVAC. After years in the field, Luke took his talents to management and has helped thousands of Colorado homeowners during hot summers and frigid winters. His decade of experience in the field and guiding the company makes him one of the most knowledgeable individuals in Colorado on HVAC, plumbing, electrical and other home services.

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