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Colorado Heating Tips

Whatever the reason, replacing or repairing a Colorado heating system is a job that requires professionally trained and certified heating contractors. Denver, luckily, has many highly qualified heating contractors Denver for you to choose from. Choosing and setting up a new furnace is a challenging and intimidating process. There are many brands and models on the market to choose from. Finding the one that has the right output and meets your budget can be frustrating without the help of a professional.

Cooper heating contractors in Denver are familiar with all the most trusted brands. They also have the experience to easily tell what model you will need. Heating and air conditioning repair companies can tell you if your existing furnace can be fixed, and if necessary, can help you find and install the right new furnace for your home. When you start working with a contractor, the first thing you do is set up an appointment to have them look at your home and give you an estimate.

Remember, most places will not charge for this. This is when they will inspect the furnace, or the place where you want one and gather all the relevant information they need to decide on the right furnace to install. Such information typically involves the number of windows your house has, the insulation, the size of the house and many other factors. Once you have estimates from one or more contractors, you can decide which company you want to hire to install your furnace. It is a good idea to compare estimates from more than one contractor, rather than settling for the first company you find. A new furnace is a large investment, so it is worthwhile to carefully choose the Colorado heating contractors in Denver you work with.

Your Colorado Heating System

Throughout the year the city can experience sudden changes in weather, and temperature variations are very common. This means that Denver households need their home heating system to be up and running throughout the year. However, if not maintained properly, the heating system can get damaged. There are a lot of options available for heating repairs in Denver.

Your heating system is at work all across the year, which causes some wear and tears in the system. Moreover, some parts or components of the heating system may get damaged and may need replacement. So, it is essential that maintenance and servicing of your home heating system are performed at least once a year.

A variety of heating systems are available for your house. The different types of heating systems are furnaces, boilers, ductless heaters, dual fuel heaters, heat pumps, etc. Cooper provides repair services for all the above-mentioned systems. We also offer an annual maintenance contract.


Furnace system is the most commonly used and a very popular heating system for homes. If your system starts up but shuts down immediately, then it means that your furnace is in need of repair. Cooper can fix any issues related to your furnace system.


Boiler heating system is another popular heating system for homes. Boilers provide heat by heating water. Compared to other heating systems, they are more energy efficient and more comfortable. Furthermore, they are very sturdy are unlikely to experience major problems throughout their lifetime. However, lack of maintenance may create issues with some components of the heating system.

Ductless Heaters

Ductless heating systems offer unique advantages to homeowners over other heating systems. A ductless mini split is nothing but a heat pump which circulates air in individual rooms via small air handlers. This system offers both heating and cooling functions. Cooper offers repair of both indoor and outdoor components of the system.

Dual Fuel Systems

The dual fuel system is a combination of heat pump & furnace and provides both heating and air conditioning in one system. The heat pump is activated for air conditioning while the furnace gets into action to heat your home if there is a decrease in temperature.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps provide both heating and air conditioning via a centralized, forced air system. Since heat pumps don’t burn any kind of fuel to generate heat, they are slightly more energy efficient than other heating systems. Cooper offers all type of repair services for heat pumps.

Cooper provides professional repair services for all different type of heating systems installed in Denver homes. They make sure that your home heating system is in top shape throughout the year.

Any questions about your Colorado heating system or heating repairs? Contact us here!