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Indoor air quality testing in Colorado Springs, CO

Get Peace of Mind With Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality can have a significant impact on your health, comfort, and safety. For example, if you’re having issues sleeping or your asthma is acting up, both problems could be caused by airborne contaminants or an imbalance of humidity and temperature.


To fix your indoor air quality problems, you first have to figure out the exact quality problems to solve them. When you hire the Cooper Green Team, we will diagnose your indoor air quality problems and provide honest suggestions for increasing your indoor air quality.

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How Much Does Indoor Air Quality Testing Cost in Colorado Springs?

Our indoor air quality tests are FREE when bundled with a FREE estimate for an air quality product installation or when you schedule a $129 furnace inspection or AC inspection. Just let us know that you’d like an indoor air quality test with your estimate or inspection, and we’d be glad to do it!


What Do We Include in an Indoor Air Quality Test?


Our air quality specialists are highly trained compared to competitors. Not only can they accurately diagnose your air quality issues, but they can also provide honest recommendations for improving your air quality—with integrity. When you get the correct information you need to improve your air quality, you won’t go down the path of losing money on the wrong suggestion. Our customers know that when they choose Cooper, they’re also choosing a job done right the first time around.


Breaking down what our indoor air quality test reveals:

We evaluate your indoor air quality with an electronic monitor. The AirAdvice monitor’s design specifically detects asthma-triggering particles and contaminants that we cannot see or smell.


The AirAdvice monitor tests for:

  • Airborne contaminants (e.g., dust, dander, etc.)
  • Volatile organic compound levels (e.g., smoke, odors, and chemicals)
  • Temperature & humidity levels
  • Carbon dioxide/monoxide levels

Want To Know What Exactly Is in Your Air?

Schedule an appointment with Cooper, and we’ll get the ball rolling by sending over one of our trained air quality specialists. In about an hour, we’ll test your air and then provide you with a detailed report of our findings.

Do You Need an Indoor Air Quality Test?

Signs that you need an air quality test include:

  • People in your household with respiratory conditions (e.g., allergies or asthma) have had their conditions worsen over time.

  • People in your household have developed an aggravated cough or headache.

  • People in your household have issues sleeping at night.

  • Your home feels stuffy or clammy.

  • Your home feels hot and cold in random spots.

  • Your home feels overly humid in the summer but then overly dry in the winter.

  • You smell a musty odor or other odors.

Want To Know What Exactly Is in Your Air?

Schedule an appointment with Cooper, and we’ll get the ball rolling by sending over one of our trained air quality specialists. In about an hour, we’ll test your air and then provide you with a detailed report of our findings.

1% of all service proceeds are donated to Children’s Hospital Colorado.

How It Works

Our Indoor Air Quality Testing Process

Process Step
Schedule your appointment.

We make scheduling easy. You can either schedule online or call us at (719) 430-5630. We’ll work around your schedule—not ours.

Process Step
We'll test your air quality.

Our air quality specialist will arrive at your home on time and with a friendly greeting. Then, they’ll get to work testing your indoor air quality.

Process Step
We'll provide you with no-obligation recommendations.

Within an hour, our specialists will finish testing then present their findings to you. They’ll also walk you through potential ways you could improve your air quality. Once done, they’ll send you the indoor air quality report via email.

Process Step
Give us feedback.

Let us know how we did. We want to ensure you have the best possible customer experience. If you felt something could have been better, we’ll make it right.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Cooper?

For over four decades, the Cooper Green Team has made a name for ourselves as the most trustworthy air quality experts in the Colorado Springs area. We’ve tested indoor air quality for hundreds of Colorado Springs homeowners. And they trust us to come back to install an air purifier or filter because we don’t upsell them on anything unnecessary.

When you want the best in air quality service, contact the Cooper Green Team. We have the experience and training needed to give the proper recommendations for improving your air quality needs. If you choose Cooper Heating and Cooling, you won’t ever lose money on the wrong recommendation for improving your indoor air quality.

"Level of quality can't find elsewhere."

I cannot describe the appreciation I have for the quality of ALL your employees, from customer service to the people in the field. They all display a level of technical aptitude that most technicians do not have these days. They are all polite, helpful, and work to meet your schedule and deliver a superior product. Someone offered to give me someone cheap to call. I said I don’t want cheap; I want quality from A-Z. I know that if I call Cooper Heating & Cooling for my needs, I will always get a level of quality that I have not been able to find elsewhere. I appreciate you!!

- Lisa X. | Colorado Springs Homeowner

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