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Cooper Clear Pricing

Transparent HVAC Pricing. No Fine Print Required.

Introducing “Cooper Clear”—a transparent pricing approach that shines a light on how we quote our work. That way, you always know you’re getting the best deal when you choose Cooper.

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What is Cooper Clear pricing?

“Cooper Clear” is our vow as a company to provide complete transparency in our pricing, products and process. We believe that when customers are informed with the right information, they are capable of making better decisions for themselves and their families.

That’s why we’re now sharing our pricing structure with every customer.

That means, when you get a quote from one of our professionals, it comes with:

  • A full explanation of how the work and/or products will solve your need
  • Complete transparency into how the job is priced—we’ll provide a breakdown of the cost

How is Cooper Clear pricing different?

Cooper Clear pricing is different because we’ve designed it to benefit the customer, not us.

Most home service companies offer vague price estimates with little to no insight into what that price entails. This makes it almost impossible for homeowners to determine whether or not they’re getting a good deal.

However, with a Cooper Clear price quote, you can:

  • Ensure you’re getting the best deal—every time. The only way to know you’re getting a good deal is to know exactly what you’re getting for the price you pay. And that’s exactly the kind of insight Cooper Clear pricing provides.
  • Know where your money goes. We’ll provide a breakdown of what your price covers, including technician wages, equipment & material as well as the costs to keep a business running.
  • Hold us accountable. Every service job has been pre-priced so that you can check any quote we give you against our pricing PDF.

How it works

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Schedule an appointment.

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Meet your friendly technician.

Your technician will arrive on schedule, diagnose your issue(s) and present solutions to resolve the issues.

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Get a Cooper Clear price quote. 

Get a Cooper Clear price quote. Every repair solution we present to you will come with a full pricing breakdown, so you can see what the price covers. Plus, you can price-check the repair quote you’re given against our Cooper Clear Pricing Structure PDF for extra assurance that you’re getting the best deal possible, every time.

Process Step
Enjoy peace of mind during the service.

Once you choose the solution that fits your budget and needs, our technician will get to work resolving your issues. With Cooper Clear pricing, you’ll be confident that you’re getting high-quality work at the best price possible for you and your family. Plus, we back every repair with a solid 1-year labor warranty.

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