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Whole-Home Generator Installations in Denver, CO

Whole-Home Generator Installations Trusted by Denver Homeowners

A whole-home generator is your best line of defense against power outages, which have become increasingly common throughout Colorado in recent years. Whether due to wildfires or storms, a whole-home generator will keep your Denver home running when the local grid goes down. Protect perishable food from spoiling in your fridge, enjoy Internet connectivity, and never worry about losing heat, AC, or the operation of life-saving medical equipment.


At Cooper Heating and Cooling, our licensed and highly-trained electricians will ensure a safe and smooth whole-home generator installation. Contact us for a free in-home estimate today. We’ll review your home’s size, layout, and electrical panel, and then provide our top generator recommendations around your needs and budget.

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How much do whole-home generator installations cost in Denver?

  • $8,500Low
  • Our Avg$18,000
  • Competitor
  • $40,000High
Why are our prices slightly higher?

When you hire the Cooper Green Team, we guarantee safe, accurate, and code-compliant workmanship the first time around. Given the complexity of whole-home generator installations, our expertise and commitment to quality mean you’ll never have to worry about mistakes or repeat labor.

Need generator repairs ASAP?

Our licensed electricians are on-call 24/7 throughout Denver and surrounding areas. If you need urgent help, call us at (720) 605-7270 or click below to request an appointment online. Someone will reach out to schedule service ASAP.

Whole-home generator installation cost factors:

  • Size: Generators range from 16 to 24kW (kilowatts). Depending on the size you need, your costs will vary. During your free estimate, Cooper’s electrician will carefully inspect your home’s appliances and electrical usage and help you find the right-sized unit.

  • Brand: Just like other appliances, certain generator brands cost more than others. At Cooper Heating and Cooling, we only install top-performing generators from trusted brands like Generac.

  • Fuel type: Generators are powered by various fuel types, including gasoline, natural gas, propane, diesel, and biodiesel. Natural gas is typically the least expensive to operate, but if you need to connect a new gas line, this may cost you more upfront.

  • Electrical upgrades: Since they power an entire home, whole-home generators rely on solid electrical connections. Prepare to budget for a new sub-panel, a transfer switch (to turn the generator on), and potential repairs to your home’s wiring.

  • Location: The farther away your generator is located, the more it will cost to connect to your electrical panel. And, unlike lightweight portable units, whole-home generators will need a gravel or concrete pad to sit on, adding to your setup costs.

Need generator repairs ASAP?

Our licensed electricians are on-call 24/7 throughout Denver and surrounding areas. If you need urgent help, call us at (720) 605-7270 or click below to request an appointment online. Someone will reach out to schedule service ASAP.

1% of all service proceeds are donated to Children’s Hospital Colorado.

How it works

Your whole-home generator installation in 4 easy steps:

Process Step
Schedule an estimate.

To get honest and upfront pricing on your best whole-home generator options, call us at (720) 605-7270 or contact us online. We’ll schedule a free in-home consultation with one of our licensed electricians.

Process Step
We provide honest recommendations and pricing.

During your free estimate, Cooper’s electrician will inspect your electrical panel, wiring, and potential generator locations. We’ll also inquire about how many appliances you intend to run so that you get the right-sized unit for your needs. You can ask questions, share your budget, and learn about our excellent financing options.

Process Step
We perform an expert installation.

At Cooper Heating and Cooling, safety is paramount. Rest assured, we’ll pull any necessary permits and perform expert workmanship that passes a final inspection without fail. When finished, we’ll ensure you understand how to use your new generator system.

Process Step
Give us your feedback.

Following your installation, we welcome your feedback on our performance. Whether you’ve got a few quick questions or need to share something that didn’t go right, we want to hear from you. We value our customers’ complete satisfaction!

Why Choose Us?

Since 1978, the Cooper Green Team has proudly served Denver homeowners with outstanding quality repairs, replacements, and maintenance. Whether you need heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, or air quality services, our team is here to make your next home project a breeze. We offer fast scheduling, knowledgeable advice, and top-notch workmanship backed by unbeatable labor warranties. Simply put: we’re the best in the area, and we’ve got thousands of 5-star reviews to prove it.

"I'm extremely pleased...Would use again without hesitation."

Our electrical distribution panel needed replaced to prepare for an upcoming AC installation. Brett and Alex showed up and spent an entire summer day in the yard and on the roof with hot sun and eventually heavy rain bearing down on them. They were professional and effective. Brett’s attention to detail was extremely appreciated. I’m extremely pleased with the work and feel like cost is reasonable. The respect they both had for Cooper was also refreshing. Would use again without hesitation.

- Daniel | Denver Homeowner

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