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Boiler installation in Denver, CO

Need a New Boiler Installed? It Pays to Choose Cooper

At Cooper, we do more high-efficiency installations than any competitor in the Denver area. Our boiler installations come with higher quality equipment, higher comfort levels and higher long-term energy savings.

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How much does a boiler installation cost in Denver?

  • $13,060Low
  • Our Avg$16,836
  • Competitor
  • $23,058High
Why are our prices slightly higher?

When homeowners choose Cooper, they’re choosing higher-quality service and equipment. As a direct result of that choice, our customers always see higher long-term energy savings (which pays back the upfront price of our installs). In fact, over 42+ years of business, we’ve helped Denver homeowners save more than $167 million by upgrading to high-efficiency systems.

Looking for an exact estimate for your boiler install?

Just call the Cooper Green Team. We’ll send over an experienced Comfort Advisor to perform a load calculation then provide an upfront, honest estimate for your boiler installation project.

Boiler installation cost factors:

The cost of a boiler installation in the Denver area varies widely depending on many factors, some of which include:

  • The boiler’s size. Boilers are sized by how much heat they produce in one hour, which is measured in “BTU output”. The higher a boiler’s BTU output, the more it will cost. The only way to properly size a boiler is by performing a heat loss calculation, which Cooper provides for free with all boiler installations.

  • The boiler’s efficiency levels. Every boiler comes with specific AFUE rating that measures how energy-efficient the system will be. The higher the AFUE rating, the more the boiler will cost. However, higher AFUE ratings also mean higher monthly savings on your energy bills.

  • The condition of your radiators/baseboards. Boilers rely on a network of pipes that send heat to radiators/baseboards and warm your home. Most of the time, a new boiler can use the existing pipes but if those pipes are in bad condition, they may need to be replaced or repaired, which will increase the cost of the installation job.

  • Pulling permits. Depending on where you live in Denver, your boiler installation may necessitate pulling several permits to be fully code-compliant. Unfortunately, pulling permits can be costly and time-consuming. At Cooper, we handle all permit paperwork and filing and we wrap that cost into the overall installation.

Looking for an exact estimate for your boiler install?

Just call the Cooper Green Team. We’ll send over an experienced Comfort Advisor to perform a load calculation then provide an upfront, honest estimate for your boiler installation project.

1% of all service proceeds are donated to Children’s Hospital Colorado.

How it Works

Our boiler installation process

Process Step
Schedule your free estimate.

We make it easy for your to schedule your boiler installation with online scheduling or over-the-phone scheduling at (720) 253-1981. Regardless of the option you choose, we’ll reach out quickly to set up a day and time that works for you.

Process Step
Get high-efficiency system options.

Before we can provide a quote for your boiler installation, we’ll have our Comfort Advisor inspect your home and perform a load calculation. From there, he’ll present you with various high-efficiency boiler systems to choose from and explain the benefits of each option. No hard selling here—just free education and advice.

Process Step
Let us install your new boiler.

On a day that works for you, our installation team will install your new boiler. Before any work begins, everyone will don booties and place drop cloths to protect your home. And when your boiler installation is complete, the team will show you how to operate the new system and answer any questions.

Process Step
Enjoy lifetime savings and 100% satisfaction.

Within the first month of your boiler installation, you’ll start seeing lower energy bills. Plus, if for any reason you’re unhappy with how the job went, we’ll follow up with you and do whatever we can to make it right.


Save money and extend the life of your new boiler

Want to keep your brand new boiler young, healthy and efficient for as long as possible? Join our Green Club Maintenance Plan. As a member, you’ll receive high performance tune ups on your cooling & heating system every year, plus:

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"I would recommend them to anyone..."

This company is staffed with responsive professional people. Every phone call I made was handled in a timely manner and always to my satisfaction. The install team was pleasant, courteous, and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone needing HVAC.

- Paul S. | Denver homeowner

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