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One of the biggest and most common issues that can afflict a drain and sewer system is clogging. Whether limescale or waste, obstructions can accumulate on the walls of the pipes and start to build towards the center. As they grow to the center, the flow of water through the pipe is restricted until the system is clogged completely.

The best way to deal with this issue is to schedule regular sewer drain cleaning services. Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers a full range of drain and sewer cleaning services throughout Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO. If you need drain and sewer cleaning services of any kind, call today to schedule an appointment.

Methods of Drain and Sewer Cleaning

There are a number of different methods used in professional drain and sewer cleaning. We do not use store-bought cleaners. Those liquid cleaners are full of highly corrosive chemicals, which remove waste from the pipe at the expense of damaging the pipe itself. Instead, we use one of two different drain cleaning methods:

  • Hydro Jetting: Hydro jetting involves spraying a high-pressure stream of water down the drain pipe, blasting all built–up waste out of the system. The hose that is inserted into the pipe uses an omnidirectional sprayer head so that it can reach all areas of the pipe with ease. This is one of the best ways to thoroughly clean out a clogged drain.
  • Drain Snaking: Drain snaking involves using a long cord with an auger on the end of it to drill through an obstruction in the pipe. This is one of the older methods used to unclog a drain and is so reliable that practically every plumber has a drain snake in his or her vehicle.

Between these two methods, we can take care of practically every drain and sewer line cleaning need you have. Whether it’s the sink or shower drain, we can help.

How Often to Schedule Drain and Sewer Cleaning in Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO

There are two times that you should schedule drain or sewer cleaning. The first time is when you notice something wrong with the system. So, if you notice a drain draining more slowly than it normally does, that probably means that you have a clog forming in the pipe.

You should also call for cleaning if there are bad smells coming out of your drains. If it’s localized to one drain, you can probably solve it with a simple drain cleaning. If the smell is coming out of all drains in the house, the problem is likely located deeper in the sewer system. Either way, if you have any reason to suspect something is wrong with your drain and sewer system, call a professional to examine it.

Even if you don’t notice anything specifically wrong with your drains, it’s a good idea to schedule a cleaning for all of them at least once a year. If you don’t, you’ll be allowing detritus to build up in the pipes over time. Annual drain and sewer cleaning is a great way to guarantee that your system continues to operate properly.

Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers a full range of drain and sewer cleaning services throughout Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO. If you need a drain or sewer cleaner, we can take care of it for you. Call today to speak to one of our plumbers.


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