Dual Fuel Systems in Broomfield, Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and the Surrounding Area

Dual Fuel SystemHeat pumps have become quite popular in the last decade or so, mainly because of their ability to act as both heating and air conditioning systems. This is definitely a big advantage, but it does have a couple of limitations. The real issue with air source heat pumps is that their efficiency drops in extremely cold weather, which is a problem in many areas of the country. Fortunately, there’s a way around that: a dual fuel system utilizing a heat pump and furnace.

Cooper Heating & Cooling installs and services dual fuel systems in Broomfield and throughout the Denver and Colorado Springs metro areas.. If you need dual fuel services of any kind, call today and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure that you get the perfect hybrid heat dual fuel system for your needs.

How do Dual Fuel Systems Work?

A dual fuel system also referred to as a dual fuel heat pump is a combination heat pump/furnace. For air conditioning, and heating above very low temperatures, the heat pump portion of the system is operating. When the temperature drops below where the heat pump can efficiently heat the home, the furnace portion of the system activates instead.

That is referred to as the economic balance point. This switch happens automatically, so there’s no possibility of accidentally having the wrong side of the system active. This ensures that the home will always be heated as comfortably and efficiently as possible.

Dual Fuel System Installations in Broomfield

As mentioned above, the main issue with just using a normal air source heat pump has to do with the way it operates in cold temperatures. Heat pumps evaporate refrigerant in their outdoor units to absorb ambient thermal energy from the air. Even in cold weather, there is always some heat that can be absorbed in this way.

The problem is that the efficiency of the system is directly related to how much thermal energy is available. The colder the weather, the less thermal energy is available for the system to use. So, when the weather gets really cold, the heat pump can no longer heat the home efficiently because there isn’t enough thermal energy available. This is where hybrid heat becomes a good option.

Dual fuel systems have backup furnaces, so even on days when the temperature is well below freezing, you can still count on your home is efficiently heated. You can still enjoy the benefits of using a heat pump year round, without having to worry about it suddenly becoming inefficient on those especially cold days.

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Installing a dual fuel system, like any climate control system, is a task best left to a professional. There are a lot of different factors to deal with, some of which can be quite dangerous without professional training and equipment. So, make sure that you call Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc. to have your dual fuel installation needs taken care of. You should also make sure to take advantage of our dual fuel repair and maintenance services so that your system can give you many years of top operation. We offer a full range of dual fuel services in Broomfield and throughout Colorado’s Front Range.

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