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Attics tend to absorb quite a bit of heat, mostly due to their location. Once they’ve absorbed the heat, it then becomes very difficult to get rid of it. Most people keep their attics sealed off from both the rest of the house and the environment outside. There’s no windows or doors open to allow airflow, so the heat just sits up there. Fortunately, there is a way to deal with this. Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers a full range of attic vent fans throughout Denver, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, and the surrounding area. Work with our Denver electricians for the best home comfort solutions in the area.

When you’re considering attic fan installation in Denver, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, and the surrounding area, make sure to work with the professionals at Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc. Our Denver electricians have years of experience and training to provide the quality and excellence you can expect. If you need an attic fan installed or serviced, call today to schedule an appointment.

How Attic Fans Work

An attic fan is a system designed to vent some of the heat in the attic out of the house while bringing in cooler air from the outside. Vents are installed in the gables or rafters of the attic, to allow air to flow in and out in small amounts. The attic fan is then connected to these vents.

While the fan is operating, it simultaneously pushes heat out of the attic and brings in fresh air from the outside. This will cool the attic and prevent the air inside from becoming quite as stale. This will not be as effective as having a refrigerant air conditioner installed, of course, but it’s quite a bit better than nothing.

The Benefits of Attic Fans

Some people think that they don’t need to keep their attics comfortable because they don’t spend any time up there. However, the attic fan is really not intended to create a more comfortable environment. Instead, these devices serve to take some strain off of your air conditioner.

When the attic is much hotter than the rest of the house, heat can transfer down through the building materials into your living space. This puts added strain on your cooling system. Attic vents can also help to prevent damage to your roof and other issues by venting moisture out of the attic.

We Install and Service Attic Fans

There are some who say that attic fans can be installed by the homeowner, and not by a professional. We don’t recommend this for several reasons. For one, cutting into the rafters or gable without proper knowledge or equipment can do more harm than good. For another, attic fans are often hardwired into the home’s electrical system.

You should never, ever attempt your own electrical work unless you’re a trained professional. The risk of injury or fire is too great to be worth it. If you need attic fan installation services, call Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc. We offer comprehensive attic fan installation services throughout Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO.

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