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Do you need a new heating system for your new home? Has the time come for a furnace replacement or has your old standby seen better days? Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc. is the company to call. We fully understand the importance of an outstanding heater installation in Denver, CO, & Colorado Springs, CO. We’ll make sure that your new home heating system is just right for your needs.

There is a lot to consider when you decide to install or replace a heater. There are different types of systems. To guarantee your overall satisfaction, you need expertise and guidance that only true heating professionals. Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers a 100% guarantee on heater replacements and installations in Denver, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, and the surrounding area. Our exclusive 730-day trial guarantee promises 100% satisfaction or we make it right. Also, To learn more about our Denver and Colorado Springs heating replacement and installation services, contact us today!

First Things First: Get to Know Your Options

As mentioned above, there are a lot of different heating systems that you may choose from. A lot of homeowners like to stick with the furnace. These forced air heating systems distribute heated air throughout homes via a network of ducts. Heat pumps may also be used with ductwork. They offer the added benefits of great heating efficiency and the ability to cool homes as well!

Are you looking to skip the ductwork? A radiant heating system allows you to apply heat directly to surfaces in your home so that it can then radiate out to objects in the living space. Want to strike a balance between forced air and ductless? Then opt for a ductless mini split, which uses individual wall mounted blowers—along with heat pump technology—to heat and cool areas of the house independently of one another.

Schedule Your Denver & Colorado Springs Heater Installation with Trained Professionals

As handy as many homeowners may be, there are definitely jobs that only professionals in any given industry can handle. A heating installation is definitely one for the pros. From the sizing of your system to the design of the ductwork to the actual nuts and bolts of the installation itself, it is far, far too complex a job for even the most ardent DIY enthusiast.

Also, When you work with the heating professionals at Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc., your installation will begin with an extensive evaluation of your home’s size and comfort needs. We don’t just use the size of your space to determine which heater would work best for your home. Through our Green Promise, Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc. takes full responsibility to correctly size and calculate your heating installation for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We install many different heater types based on the structure and needs of your home. Some of our most popular options include:

Without proper sizing, your heating system may have a higher installation cost, higher operating cost of 10% or more, larger temperature swings, a higher failure rate, shorter equipment lifespan, nosier operation, and wasted energy! Don’t trust your heating installation to a company who does not consider all of these factors. Again, Call Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc. to take advantage of our 2–year, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Are You Ready for a Heating Replacement in Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO?

In short, Has the time come for a furnace replacement? Is your radiant heating system struggling to keep up after many years of great service? Then just give us a call. Whether your system has broken down entirely or you just want to get out ahead of the problem, our team is here to help. Remember too that you can always try something new. In fact, the desire to do so is reason enough for a heating replacement in Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO! While we do offer exceptional heating repair services throughout the Denver and Colorado Springs area, our heating installations offer customers with a 2–year guarantee for performance and reliability.

To summarize, Call us today to schedule your Denver heating replacement service. Our staff is on call and ready to help you understand your options! Fill out our quick and easy form to request an estimate on heating installations in Denver, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, and the surrounding area.

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