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AC Maintenance in Thornton, COThe weather begins getting hot between May and June in Thornton, CO. Therefore, we recommend scheduling AC maintenance in spring so that you’re prepared for the hot summers. While your air conditioner was dormant over winter, it gathered dust and debris. Your AC needs professional cleaning to operate at peak efficiency. Cooper Heating & Cooling has clear, up-front pricing on all services in the Thornton area to ensure quality maintenance. We have been in business since 1978. We have a positive reputation, which is demonstrated by our A+ rating from the BBB. We work hard to do the job right every time and keep customers happy.

Qualities that set us apart:

Cooper Green Club

  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
  • Highly knowledgeable technicians
  • Green Club maintenance plan
  • Winner of the Angie’s List Super Service Award
  • Winner of the Dave Lennox Award
  • Air conditioning maintenance on any AC make and model

Thornton Air Conditioning Maintenance

Annual AC maintenance improves the reliability of your cooling system. It won’t experience problems as often, and energy bills will stay low. Cooling maintenance decreases the likelihood of AC problems because it catches worn parts before they can cause bigger issues. It also involves cleaning dust and removing debris that can lead to inefficiency and AC problems.

We thoroughly inspect and clean your cooling system to keep it running reliably. Your AC will malfunction if its refrigerant level is too low. Loose electrical connections are dangerous; they can cause fires in addition to AC problems. The moving parts in your cooling system need lubrication to slow down wear and tear. Over the course of a year, your AC will be in need of cleaning and likely other tasks too. This is why we urge customers to schedule maintenance once or twice a year.

Thornton Air Conditioning Maintenance

Tasks completed during maintenance include:
  • Checking refrigerant level
  • Tightening loose electrical connections
  • Inspecting the blower motor, fan blade and capacitors
  • Lubricating the bearings and other moving parts

Choose Us for Cooling Maintenance

Cooper Heating & Cooling offers a Green Club maintenance plan for residents in Thornton and the surrounding areas. This maintenance plan features faster response times and lower costs on parts. When parts need to be replaced during maintenance, you’ll enjoy discounted prices on this plan.

Cooper Heating & Cooling also provides a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on our work in the Thornton area. Our skilled technicians have a prestigious certification indicating they’re among the best in their field. Passionate about their work, they take a professional approach. Our quality service has led us to win several awards, so you know your cooling system is in good hands. Contact us today for an AC tune-up.

Not looking for AC maintenance? We also offer AC repair and installation as well as heating maintenance.