Our No Heat, No Worries guarantee is our promise to do everything in our power to get your home heating again ASAP! Click here to see our other guarantees.

This season, we have seen 27 cases where people lost their heat. All 27 cases were sized, estimated, and replaced within 24 hours thanks to our No Heat, No Worries guarantee!

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No Heat, No Worries Guarantee

Susan from Broomfield:

Early afternoon Monday, Susan noticed her furnace was not turning on. Although the weather was back in the 70’s from a cold previous two weeks, Susan and her husband, Mark, were leaving for vacation over the next three weeks to Florida. Fearful that another cold spell may come through Colorado during their vacation and freeze the pipes, they called John, the neighbor who just had his system replaced for an On-Demand HVAC provider. At that time, John told them about Cooper Heating & Cooling and their No Heat, No Worries guarantee and his pleasant experience.

Susan called Cooper Heating & Cooling, resulting in a brand new furnace and air conditioner split system by that Monday. Have a happy vacation Susan and Mark! And thank you, John, your referral check is in the mail. Cooper Heating & Cooling; No Heat, No Worries!

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Michelle from Denver:

Michelle from Denver called during our first cold spell of the season as her home warranty company that came out to service her furnace recommended a system replacement. Nervous that her cracked heat exchanger could potentially leak carbon monoxide into her home, she made plans to drive down to CO Springs with her 3 kids and 2 dogs to stay with her mother until it could be fixed. Consequently, Michelle would need to drive back up in the morning to get to work and drop off the kids at school. Michelle’s next call would change the trajectory of her week quite dramatically.

Within 6 hours of her call to Cooper Heating & Cooling and before taking the family 90 minutes south, the furnace had been replaced, house warm, and no fear of carbon monoxide. Our No Heat, No Worry priority response is just that, No Heat, No Worries!

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