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Backflow is one of the more common and obnoxious problems that can afflict a home or business. Most buildings are already outfitted to prevent backflow from happening by default, but that is a double-edged sword. Most homeowners do not know what backflow is or when to look out for it.

Homeowners do not always realize their backflow prevention devices need professional attention. That’s why we offer a full range of backflow prevention services throughout Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO. If you need backflow prevention services of any kind, call Cooper Heating & Cooling, Inc. We’ll make sure that your home is properly protected from backflow issues.

What is Backflow?

Normally your home’s plumbing has a balance of pressure between it and other systems connected to it. For example, like your sewer systems. The water flows in one direction, from your plumbing system to your sewer system and out of your home. A sudden change of pressure shift in one the connected systems causes water to flow backward and up into the plumbing system.

Backflow can happen because of two different occurrences: back pressure and back siphonage. Backpressure occurs when the water pressure farther down is higher than the water supply pressure. Back siphonage happens when there is a reversal in the typical flow of the pipes. This reversal happens because of a negative pressure, or vacuum.

Backflow Prevention

The effects of backflow can vary wildly. Backflow can cause wastewater to flow back up through drains. Human waste could contaminate freshwater systems. There are emergency devices to stop backflow from happening.

We can prevent backflow by gravity and having an air gap in the system. Another method is a check valve, which closes when it senses a sudden shift in pressure. It’s a good practice to have your home system to be check once a year to ensure they’re operating properly.

We Offer Comprehensive Backflow Prevention Services

We’re here if your home needs a backflow preventer installed or a professional to ensure your home is properly protected. Backflow is a serious issue and you should not ignore it. If you’re unsure your home is properly protected from backflow, please schedule an appointment us.

One of our expert plumbers can evaluate your backflow readiness and recommend the ideal backflow prevention solution for your needs. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our plumbers. We provide a full range of backflow prevention services throughout Denver, CO and Colorado Springs, CO.



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