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“On time arrival appreciated. Jason explained everything he was doing to diagnose, fix, and test the repair . He also explained the operation and safety features of a modern, high efficiency furnace. Thank you.”

– Jeff S, Jan 6, 2019 (Google Review)

“Thank goodness we have had mild weather because the repair took a few days, with needing to get parts, and my work schedule. The furnace runs great. Cooper is thorough, polite and competent. They also installed our AC a couple of years ago. I highly recommend this company.”

– Adele Beerman, Dec 23, 2018 (Google Review)

“Cooper Heating is my go-to heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical company. We had them install central AC this past summer (thank you for beating the heatwave) and just recently they serviced my furnace when it went down (quickly). The service is prompt, professional and always of the highest quality…you get more than you pay for with this company!”

– RShane Largy, Dec 6, 2018 (Google Review)

“I experienced a heating emergency on a 20°F Saturday night. Started calling every 24 hour HVAC servicer that Google listed for my area. Out of 5 places that I inquired about emergency service, Cooper was the only dispatch that followed up and had a technician contact me. It was probably a blessing in disguise. The technician that came out, Arnold, was clean, courteous, well experienced and professional. At midnight, the problem was quickly diagnosed accurately and repaired. The price was more than fair, especially for an after hours emergency call. Now, I’ve been told recently that our 1983 furnace had “X, Y and Z” problems and needed to be replaced (by salesmen, not technicians), but during the diagnosis and repair, all of my questions were answered and I felt good knowing that there is still life in our home’s original furnace. I could not have wanted a better experience in the middle of the night and will look forward to doing business with Cooper Heating, Cooling, Plumbing and Electrical again. They will be who I refer and depend on from here on out.”

– Andrew Jack Pryor, Dec 2, 2018 (Google Review)

“The electrician came to work on time as promised. He worked efficiently and professionally. The work has been done neatly, leaving nothing messy after work. Outstanding job!”

– Yi-Wen Cheng, Nov 13, 2018 (Google Review)

“I have called on Cooper for two urgent water issues in my house. The technicians who responded were very polite, professional, and experienced. They presented me with service options and associated costs. From this information I was able to make the best choice for my home. The technicians were able to complete the work required efficiently and quickly. They attended to my needs, and additional questions throughout their visits. The office personnel took care of all follow up work on my behalf. When the work was completed, the technicians left the areas they were in picked up and cleaner than they found it. I could not be more satisfied with Cooper. I highly recommend them and will definitely use them again in the future.”

– Dan Quedenfeld, Nov 12, 2018 (Google Review)